Tuli Kupferberg and Sylvia Topp Collection Inventory

1. Art- 15+ boxes

Over 1,000 original Tuli Kupferberg hand-drawn political and social commentary cartoons and cartoons with collage elements, along with xerox copies dating from the period. These drawings with captions originated in the 1950s and progressed into a major area of Tuli’s work from the 1970s to 2000s.


2. Audio Recordings- 3 boxes

Reel-to-reel tapes and cassettes of music, poetry readings, and home recordings of song ideas and thoughts. Dating from the 1960s through 2009. One copy each of the majority of The Fugs and Tuli Kupferberg published records, audio cassettes, and CDs.


A. Reel-to-Reel Recordings

Including Fugs and TK solo recordings, some unreleased, and Revolting Theater sound effects for skits.

“All the Hippy People” + 2. “Good Old Hippie”- 5” reel

“Arse Longer Vita Herring”- 7” reel

Children of the Dream” 3¾ Ch 2- 3” reel

Children of the Dream” 3¾ Ch 2- Tuli, Sa- 3” reel

Dreamed of a Bum” 3¾ Ch 2- 3” reel

“FDA- Hail to the Chief”- 3” reel

Fire” #7 1/2 – 3¾- 3” reel

Flower Children” 3¾ Ch 2- 3” reel

Flower Passion” 3¾ Ch 2- 3” reel

Flower Passion” 3¾ Ch 2- Tuli, Charlie- 3” reel

Fucking More (and Enjoying It Less)”- 3” reel

Fugs on Alex Bennett Show- 7” reel

Goddard Alternative Press Conference- 2 7” reels

Gay Boy” 3¾- 3” reel

Good Soldier Smythe,” w Pop Poem, Bob Dylan?- 7” reel

“Hasid”- 3” reel

“Hyperemiator (Satisfaction)”- 3” reel

I Hate That- Drums Discordant Sound” Words: John Scott, Melody: Tuli- 3” reel

I See by Next Weeks Papers” 3¾ Ch 2 March 68- 3” reel

“Intern”- 3” reel

Japan-Chine”- 3” reel

“Johnny Law”- 3” reel

“Krishna”- 3” reel

“Lana Flo”- 3” reel

Love and Ashes” Ch 2- 3” reel

Lucite Calliope”#3 Beg and End- 3” reel

Mailer?- 5” reel

Marine Hymn”- 3¾ Ch 2- 3” reel

“Morning, Morning”- 7” reel

My Grandfathers Cock” 3¾ Ch 2 Aug 68- 3” reel

Metromedia Rebuttal to Mayor Daley?- 7” reel

Necrology (Death March)”- 3” reel

News Intro WBCN Nov 9, 1973- 5” reel

No Deposit No Return” Reel 1 1st edit- 7” reel

“No Deposit No Return” Reel 2- 7” reel

No Deposit No Return” A Side- 7” reel

No Deposit No Return” A Side- 7” reel

No Deposit No Return” B Side- 7” reel

No Deposit No Return” 2- 7” reel

No Deposit No Return”- Reel 3- Smut Cantata- 7” reel

“O Sole Mio”- 3” reel

Poetry reading Tues, Aug 24, 1965

Poetry reading- TK, others? New Years Eve- 7” reel

Pop Poetry- reel 1”- 7” reel

Pop Poetry- reel 2”- 7” reel

“Rambler”- 3” reel

Rot Is Deeper” 3¾ Ch 2- 3” reel

Silva Thins (O Sole Mio)” #7 1st version- 3” reel

“Social Studies”- 3” reel

Social Studies” #8 Ch 2- 3” reel

Spade Song” 3¾ track 2- 1/67 3” reel

The Strolling Players” 3¾ track 2- 3” reel

Surely the People Is Grass” 1/68- 3” reel

Surely the People Is Grass” 3¾ Ch 2- 3” reel

Surgeon Spare That Cock” 3¾ Ch 2 Aug 68- 3” reel

Sweet Singer of Bleecker Street” 3¾ Ch 2- 3” reel

Sweet Singer of Bleecker Street” 3¾ Ch 2- Tuli, Charlie- 3” reel

Teen Faggot” Rabkin Gilbert McRoberts Nov 65 Bloomington- 3” reel

Tuli & Friends”- 4 tracks, produced by Kramer, 1986- 7” reel

Turkey” #5, #8, #6½ - 3¾ - 3” reel

Under Double Eagle”- 3” reel

“Vietnamese Phrases”- 3” reel

“Virgin-?”- 7” reel

“Who to Rip- FF:What- Take Back ?”- 7” reel

War Sounds-” 3” reel

Would You Believe”-1/67- 3” reel


B. Audio Cassettes

Over 350 cassettes dating from the late 1960s to 2000s, mainly 1985 to 2000. Mostly TK home recordings of a cappella songs in progress, as well as some audio notes, interviews, audience recordings of live TK, Fugs, and Fuxxons shows, poetry, rough mixes by Ed Sanders and Kramer, audio letters from fans and friends, and demos from fans and friends.


3. Birth Press and Other Tuli Kupferberg and Sylvia Topp Publications, plus Original Layout Boards, Negatives, Plates, and Source Material- 7 boxes


A. Publications

Birth Press/various TK/ST presses

1 1001 Ways to Live Without Working- 1st ed? double folded pages w/ coins on back

1 1001 Ways to Live Without Working- 2nd ed ($0.25) BP 1961

1 1001 WTLWOW- 3rd ed ($0.50) BP

1 3,000,000,000,000 Beatniks- Birth Baby #2 BP 1961

1 A Big Bibliography- Children As Authors BP 1959

1 After the Balls Are Ova- (TK cartoons) Vanity Press 1984

1 Birth 2- BP Summer 1959

1 Birth 3 Bk 1- BP Autumn 1960

1 Birth 3 Bk 2- BP Autumn 1960

1 Book of the Body- BP 1966

1 Christine Keeler Coloring Book- BP 1963, Pedantic Pamphlet #3

2 Crazy Paper #1

2 Crazy Paper #2

2 Don’t Make Trouble- (TK cartoons) Strolling Dog Press 1991

1 Famous People Thoughts and Poems- By William Godden, Poets Union Press #1 BP 1959

1 Fuck Nam- A Morality Play by TK, BP 1967

1 Grace and Beauty of the Human Form, the- BP 1961

2 In Media’s Feces- (TK cartoons) Strolling Dog Press 1986

2 Kill for Peace Again- (TK cartoons) Strolling Dog Press 1987

2 Less Newspoems- Vanity Press 1981

1 Listen to the Mockingbird- 1st ed. Mockingbird Press 1973

1 LTTM- 3rd ed, Mockingbird Press 1980

1 Mississippi- Panic Pamphlet #2 BP 1962

1 Mozart in Hell- Poems by Steven Tropp- PUP Press #3 BP 1959

1 Newspoems- BP 1971

1 O God- Vanity Press 1981

2 Questionable Cartoons- (TK cartoons) Vanity Press 1981

1 Revolting News #1- March 1970

1 Revolting News #2- Summer 1970

1 Rub Ya Out of Omore Diem, the- Panic Pamphlet #1 BP 1962

1 Sex & War- Pedantic Pamphlet #2- BP 1962

1 Swing 1- BP Winter 1960

1 Swing 2- BP Spring 1961

1 Swing 3- BP Summer 1961

1 Swing 4- BP Fall 1961

1 Too Sick for Satire- A Yeah Extra- Issue #9 BP July 1964

1 True Professions- Vanity Press 1981

2 Was It Good for You Too? (TK cartoons) Vanity Press 1983

1 Yeah 1- BP Dec 1961

1 Yeah 2- BP Feb 1962

1 Yeah 3- BP June 1962

1 Yeah 4- BP Sept 1962

1 Yeah 5- BP Dec 1962

1 Yeah 6 “A Frigid Wife Ruined Me”- BP June 1963

1 Yeah 7 “A Look at the White Problem”- BP Dec 1963

1 Yeah 8 “True Professions”- BP May 1964

1 Yeah 9 “True Professions Pt. 2”- BP July 1964

1 Yeah 10 “Kill for Peace”- BP


Other Publishers

1 1001 Ways to Beat the Draft- TK w/ Robert Bashlow, Grove Press 1967

1 1001 Ways to Beat the Draft- Oliver Layton Press 1966

1 1001 Ways to Live Without Working- Grove Press 1967

1 1001 Ways to Make Love- Grove Press 1969

1 As They Were- TK/ST Links Press 1973

1 As They Were- Japanese Edition, Quick Fox 1973

1 As They Were Too- TK/ST Quick Fox 1979

1 As They Were Too- Japanese Edition, Quick Fox 1980

1 Book of the Body- Oliver Layton Press 1966

1 First Glance hardcover- TK/ST Hammond Inc 1978

1 First Glance paperback- TK/ST Hammond Inc 1978

1 Good News -TK/ST w Lannes Kenfield and Steve Kraus, pamphlet

1 Grove Press Catalogs 1969- w 1001 WTBTD, 1001 WTML, 1001 WTLWOW

1 Listen to the Mockingbird- Times Change Press 1973

1 Why Don’t We Do It in the Bed (LTTM 3rd edition)- Azid Press, Netherlands, 1982


Book Catalogs

1 Quick Fox Spring 1973 w ATW p.28

1 Quick Fox Autumn 1973 w ATW

1 Quick Fox Spring 1974 w ATW p.28

1 Quick Fox Spring 1976 w ATW p.8

1 Quick Fox Fall 1979 w ATWT p.21

1 Times Change PressFall 1973/Spring 1974 with LTTM

1 Times Change Press Winter 1974 w LTTM p.7

1 Times Change Press 1977 w LTTM p.16


B. Birth Press and Various TK/ST Presses- Plates, Negatives, and Layout Boards



Birth 1- Boards and negs

Birth 1- Printed covers

Birth 2- Boards, photostats of negs, orig kids’ drawings

Birth 2- Plates, boards, and negs

Birth 3- Plates, boards, and negs

2 Folders misc images used in Birth 2 & 3- Printed negs

Birth 3- “Pre-Print”- Source materials, research materials, first draft of text w/o illustrations

Birth 3- Boards, negs, photostats of negs

Birth 3- Pasteup of Bill Godden’s cover



Swing 1- Boards and negs

Swing 2- Boards and negs

Swing 4- Plates and negs

Boards for Listen to the Mocking Bird

Folder of source material for Christine Keeler Coloring Book

NY Times poem neg

Misc photos

Portrait of Editors”



Yeah 1- Boards and negs

Yeah 1- 1 Envelope orig writings

Yeah 2- Plates and negs, orig ms

Yeah 3- Plates, negs, some boards

Yeah 4- Boards, negs, orig ms

Yeah 5- Boards and negs

Yeah 6- Boards, negs, orig ms

Yeah 7- Boards and negs

Yeah 8- Boards and negs

Yeah 9- Boards and negs

Yeah 10- Boards and negs

Yeah scraps


Other Birth Press Titles

1001 Ways to Live Without Working- Boards, plates, negs, orig cover layout, cover negs

Beating- cover

Big Bibliography, Children As Authors- Boards, negs, 2 folders cover photos (not used)

Birth Press Ad for Birth 3, Swing, Yeah- 4 copies

2 Birth Press promos- Plates and negs

Caught in the Act- orig covers

Christine Keeler Coloring Book- Boards and negs

Grace and Beauty of the Human Form- Plates and negs

Mississipi- Orig layout and neg

Nuns Strip Congo Troops- Orig layout

Selected Fruits and Nuts- Layout boards w/ orig drawings

Snow Job- Boards for cover + 2 pages- “Who Is Your Favorite Drunk?” and “Lincoln’s Doctor’s Dog”

War Vs. Beatniks- Negs

What to Do When Drafted- Neg


Other TK/ST Publications

Are These Our Children?- Orig letters and layout boards- 1 flat box

As They Were & First Glance- Photostats

+ some negatives and orig photos- 1 flat box

As They Were & As They Were Too- Orig photos- 1 flat box

Crazy Paper- 2 layout boards- 1 flat box

Don’t Make Trouble- Negatives- 1 roll

Don’t Make Trouble- Layout boards + In Media’s Feces- Layout boards- 1 flat box

First Glance- Orig photos- 1 flat box

Great Graffiti- Layout boards, some orig drawings- 1 flat box

In Media’s Feces- Negatives- 1 roll

Kill for Peace Again- Layout boards- 1 flat box

Less Newspoems- Layout boards- 1 envelope

Less Newspoems- Negatives- 1 roll

Listen to the Mockingbird 3rd Edition- Layout boards- 1 envelope

Listen to the Mockingbird 4- Layout boards and some originals- 1 flat box

Newspoems- Negs, orig ms, layout boards- 1 flat box

O God- Layout, mockup- 1 flat box

Pedantic Pamphlets #1- Plates and negs- 1 envelope

Questionable Cartoons- Layout boards- 1 envelope

Questionable Cartoons- Negatives- 1 roll

True Professions- Layout boards- 1 envelope

Was It Good for You Too?- Layout boards- 1 envelope

Was It Good for You Too?- Negatives- 1 roll


4. Correspondence- 11+ boxes

Birth Press correspondence and subscriptions, plus submissions from contributors and fans, “Dope Lore” letters (TK’s High Times article from the 80s), Fugs contracts and fan mail, TK acceptance and rejection letters, contracts, performance requests, submission requests, etc.


Notable Letters Include:


Ted Berrigan-

1 letter to TK-w/polaroids of Berrigan’s family- 1974


Paul Bowles-

postcard to TK 1962


Charles Bukowski-

typed poem entitled “A Confession for Witch-Hunters”- has Bukowski’s name and address at top- 1623 N. Mariposa Ave, Los Angeles, CA( I looked this address up and found that he lived there from 1958-1964


Noam Chomsky-

7 letters dating 2004-2008- Chomsky responds to packages Tuli was sending.


Diane Di Prima-

2 postcards to TK- early 60s

1 letter 2002


Royston Ellis-

2 letters from 1961 regarding Ellis’s financial troubles and escaping to the countryside.


Lawrence Ferlinghetti-

11 letters and postcards dating from 1962-2008

correspondence regarding things Tuli has sent for submission- one letter from 1970 says “I am wondering if it isn’t about time City Lights did a book of yours?” but, they are unable to agree on anything he submits.


Allen Ginsberg-

3 postcards and 3 letters from 1958-1961- regarding Birth Press-


1 typed postcard from 1958 with an early Ginsberg poem written around age 10 he says- also suggests people he might contact for early work-Kerouac and Corso

1 typed letter 1961 with poem entitled  “Mortuary Piece” for Death issue of Yeah which was never completed- (Tuli has written “unpub” at top- couldn’t find this poem in Ginsberg’s collected poems 1947-80 or online)

1 typed letter 1961 with poem entitled “Nightmare on a Battleship”- submitted for Death issue of Yeah- draft of poem published in Collected Poems as “Battleship Newsreel”- one word different

1 typed letter Oct 1959 with a 4 page typed poem entitled “LSD 25”

plus 5 pages typed from AG’s journal- typed from his first peyote trip - he states it has never been typed up or published before- published in Birth 3.


Ralph Ginzburg- (publisher of fact: and Avant Garde)

4 letters from 1967-regarding how much he liked Tuli’s play- Caught in the Act- also payment for reprinting TK’s article- How Shall We Survive-

Ginzburg talks about starting a new magazine- Avant Garde, and mentions the Fugs article-”The Fugs: Nextness is Godlier Than Cleanliness” which was printed in Avant Garde #1


Paul Goodman-

1 letter with poem- 1958


Dick Higgins-

2 postcards to TK 1962

2 postcards from Ray Johnson to Dick Higgins 1960


Abbie Hoffman-

1 letter to TK 1971


Harry Hooton-

3 letters with poems- from 1959-1960


Aldous Huxley-

1 letter from 1960- explaining that he has nothing more to say on the subject of mind altering drugs- responding to a request to get involved in Birth 3- drugs issue?


Ted Joans-

5 letters and postcards- 1962-2001 1 with a poem, drawings, and collage- undated 60s?


Ray Johnson-

5 mail art postcards and letters from 1958 and 59

  plus original artwork and variations for Birth #1 Greenwich Village/Bohemia issue

  also 2 postcards from Ray Johnson to Dick Higgins


Leroi Jones-

2 letters to TK 1958


Jack Kerouac-

1 handwritten letter Nov 10, 1960- “Dear Tuli- I submit this strangely outspoken poetry by beautiful colored girl in Texas(18 years old). Enclosed is self addressed stamped envelope- my own stuff is all tied up for my own books. Put the girl in Yeah!- Jack (Kerouac)

-includes letter written to Kerouac by Brooke Broadway- with her enclosed poems

- plus 2 more letters from Brooke Broadway to Tuli with more poetry


Norman Mailer-

5 letters or postcards between 1958 and 1985(this later one is from his secretary) regarding Birth Press


Marshall McLuhan-

1 letter from 1959- subscription request for Birth

2 letters from 1975 -one from McLuhan, one from his secretary- regarding photos of him as a child to be used in an article in The Canadian.


Henry Miller-

8 letters and postcards written between 1958 and 1975- mainly Miller ordering multiple copies of different Birth Press titles and suggesting people to send them to


Arthur Moyse-

numerous letters to TK and original artwork- 60s


Anais Nin-

4 postcards to TK 1958-59, 1 Western Union telegram to TK


Genesis P-Orridge-

1 letter to TK 1971


Wilhelm Reich/Reich Institute-

Numerous letters and bulletins from 1949 to 1957 from Reich, Michael Silvert, William Steig and others from the Reich Institute, regarding TK’s research and interest in Reich’s ideas


Ed Sanders-

numerous letters to TK 60s to present


Ken Weaver-

letters and postcards to TK


5. Costumes, Instruments, Props, and Toys- 9+ boxes

Costumes, instruments, props, and toys that TK wore/used in the Fugs, Revolting Theater, Revolting News, and later solo performances, 1960s to 1990s, including:

Army uniforms and helmets, flags, hats, maracas, masks, megaphones, military toys, novelty signs, t-shirts and sweatshirts with slogans, toy guns, whistles.

Homemade “erectorine”- a broomstick with hundreds of bottle caps nailed to it.


Props with photos:

Large movable paper Uncle Sam puppet with photo of TK using it in a performance

“I’m doing my part on the homefront” cap with photo of TK wearing it

Pointer, broken umbrella, and crushed top hat with photo of TK performing with them

Erectorine with photo of TK using it

Penis glasses with photo of TK wearing them, as “Dr. Fuck,” for a column, “Ask Dr. Fuck,” in High Times

“USA Olympic broad jumping team” sweatshirt which TK wears in photo on the shield version of The Fugs 2nd album and in photo in Electromagnetic Steamboat (Fugs Rhino Box Set)

Red and white striped button-down shirt and green visor in photo on Warner Reprise sampler album

“America Is Great” sweatshirt with pins on it, with photos of TK performing in it. Also in photos on French version of Fugs album Refuse To Be Burnt Out 1985, and on Tuli and Friends album cover

Long red military uniform jacket from Tuli and Friends album cover

Yellow robot masks and Einstein mask from Star Peace album cover

Orange jumpsuit from WR: Mysteries of the Organism movie

Large word flash cards with photos of TK using them

College beanie hat with buttons on it with photos of TK wearing it


6. Journals, Notebooks, and Notecards- 3 boxes

Many dozens of small spiral bound notebooks dating from the late 1930s to 2000s. Tuli wrote his thoughts as well as song and poem ideas in these books which he would carry everywhere. Also, many thousands of index cards with quotations and research for projects.


7. Poetry, Lyrics, and Other Written Works by Tuli Kupferberg (Some with Sylvia Topp)- 30+ boxes


A. Articles, Book Ideas and Manuscripts, and Essays- 5 boxes


5 Little Tales of Terror #2- The Home- short story 40s or 50s

5 Star Finale- typed, notes, printed article- from Soho Weekly News March 10, 1977

7 Lucky Aphorisms on the War- carbon copy

75 Quotes about Toronto/Canada

76 Reasons- handwritten

101 Economic Epigrams- quotes, in Apple Pie Sept 1975

101 NY Cheers and Jeers- orig layout for SWN Dec 18, 1975

101 NY Proverbs, Catch Phrases, & Taunts- typed ms, printed in SWN as 101 NY Cheers and Jeers, Dec 18, 1975, + research, copies of article

101 Sexist Sayings- typed ms

1001 Ways to Make Love- TK/ST movie idea h/w, typed outline

1001 Ways to Make Love- TK/ST h/w ms on notecards

A Diatribe w Myself About Not-Violence- 60s essay h/w, typed

A Little Anthology of Sad Poetry- book idea, research

A review of the journals of Reich

A Salute (38 Gun) to Columbus on his Day- pub in SWN Oct 5, 1978

A Sermon and a Song- copy of talk at Irving Plaza July 18, 1988

A Simple Statement on the War- essay cc

Adventures of Supercock, the- performance skit? h/w

All New All Foolish- 21 Gun Salute to Fools on Their Day- h/w, cc- pub in SWN March 19, 1979

Allotment, the- short story 40s? h/w

American Horse Apples- 2004?

Aphorisms- a sampling- cc

Are the Police Necessary? 60s essay h/w, cc

Are These Our Children? 60s TK/ST book idea, notes, research

Art & Politics- list of quotes, copy + research

Asexual Handbook- h/w, notes

As They Were- 1 box- ms, photos, research, etc for book

As They Were Too- 1 box- ms, photos, research, etc for book

Ask Dr. Fuck- ms for columns 1-4 in High Times- typed, plus letters

Back Home in Galiziana- typed, notes for “Gateway to the Promised Land” by Mario Maffi- intro?

Baddy Wad Words of All Nations- 70s TK/ST h/w notes, research

Beating- h/w, cc- ms for Birth Press book

Best Rests- satirical restaurant review

Birds Do It- 80s article proposal for National Lampoon w research and illus

Blab of the Pave, The

(Body)Parts Left Out of the Contragate Hearings- article cc

Book of Perverbs- 1 box- including 1981 version- ms, drawings, and illus

Book of the Body, excerpts

Bridge, The- ss 40s or 50s

Caca Caper, The- h/w interview for Other Scenes

Call Me Adam- or My Life with a Beard- novella cc

Caption for East Village Other Slum God photo cc

Caught in the Act- A Legal Vaudeville- h/w notes, typed

Child’s Inquiry, The - TK/ST orig collages

Columbus- folder of mss about Columbus for 500 yr anniversary- 1992, typed, research

Concentration Camp Follies of 1969- play/movie script h/w

Conveners of the Dream- Ode to 1984 Democratic Convention- h/w

Crazy Paper #1- orig layout

De Natura- essay

Die Laughing- TK/ST- book proposal and rejection letters- 1 bound

copy of proposal w orig illus pasted in

Don’t Cut It Off- In Praise of the Foreskin- by Sylvia Topp- typed ms and research notes, etc- 1 box

Don’t Make Trouble- 1 box- orig ms etc for book

Epitaphs- a sampling cc

Ethnic Slurs- h/w notes, research

Fab Flops- typed, h/w, cc

Farts from the Bowels of the Monster- h/w cc 1972 (for Mainmise mag?)

Fear of Violence- 60s essay h/w

Finger Fuck Series- 80s article proposal for National Lampoon?

Fingers of the Sun- TK/Ed Sanders- movie idea- script, notes, research, audio cassettes of songs to be used in film- 1984- 1 box

First Glance- 3 boxes- ms, photos, research, etc for book

From the Bowels of the Monster- The NY Ace h/w, cc (for Mainmise mag?)

From The Bowels of the Monster- Down and Out in NY & Brooklyn (for Mainmise mag?) h/w, cc

Fucklore- submission to Oui magazine

Fuck Nam- play typed, cc, orig collaged cover, photostats for inside illustrations, illus

Function of Bohemia, The- pt.1- 60s essay h/w

Girl Was Beautiful, The- ss 1942

God Bless the Child- ss copy

Good Morning, Mr. President- quotes, cc, in Village Voice Nov 8 1976

Grace and Beauty of the Human Form- orig layout and illustration boards

Graffiti- article, typed, cc

Great Quotations from the Presidents- + h/w notes, copies

Growing Up Jewish- h/w 2004, for Free Press book, Growing Up Jewish

Hey Sport- quotes, etc about sports compiled for National Lampoon 80s?

Hip and the Square, The- essay, h/w, cc, + rejection letter from NY Times

How Shall I Put It?- The Cunning Linguist- 70s article, cc pub in Kupferberg’s Fuckwords, article in Screw March 21, 1977

How Shall We Survive?- 60s essay

How to Spend Yourself- h/w, for WIN when asked to write a review of Armies of the Night

Hustlers, The- play 50s?

I Got to Get Out of This State- ss “Norman Kupferberg” 65th St, Brooklyn, 40s?

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy- TK & Larry “Ratso” Sloman- book proposal 1980s

If Elected President- essay h/w, typed

I’m Glad I Didn’t Say That- research for list of quotes, High Times article?

I’m Glad I Didn’t Say That- book proposal, over 2500 quotes on various subjects, h/w note cards, cc

I’m Quitting Friday Anyway- A History of Radical Humor- TK/ Michael Brown, bound book proposal w copies of illustrations- 1 w orig illus

In Media’s Feces- copy of book ms

Irish Ironies- pub in Voice March 18, 1997, ms, research

Jokes- a sampling, cc

Journey to the End of Journalism- East Village Other interview cc

Judge, Lawyer- a Legal Vaudeville- h/w, cc

Kennedy- play h/w + research

Kill for Peace Again- orig ms w cartoons, illus, collages

Labor Daze- Collection of Thoughts About Work- w h/w notes, pub July 97

Lawyer, Liar- list of quotes, typed, cc, research, 80s?

Less Newspoems- orig ms

Listen to the Mockingbird- 4 boxes

orig ms, orig illus, research

1st edition h/w, typed, notes, illus

3rd edition, orig ms, h/w, cc, song list

4th edition songs, music notes, research illustrations, etc

Longing for London- 60s essay

Lost Leaders- h/w, typed, 90s?

Love Defined- list of quotes, typed, h/w notes

Love in the Movies

Love of Politics and the Politics of Love, The- 60s essay h/w, typed

Lustlore- ms for article in Oui magazine May 1983

May Day- All Out May 1st- typed, h/w

Medical Slang- essay 1959

Mississippi, The- Study of the White Race- ms for Birth Press zine

Music & Madness- copy, for Fez 1988

My Sisters Meileen- ss by “Arab Kupa” July 6 1943

Naked Grunge- aka President’s Daze or Hail to the Chief- list of quotes, typed, w h/w notes

Name Your Band- TK/Ed Sanders, h/w, pub in National Lampoon

Next Music, The- The New Pop, or Go Folk Yourself- cc 60s essay

Noise from America- Why Gold Can’t Water- h/w, cc

Nostalgia for the Future- memoir about the conference on the 80s in Madison, WI Oct 17-21, 1978, typed, h/w, cc (+ folder w/flyer, research, papers about conference)

Nothing Society, The- h/w

Notes Toward a Theory of Bohemia- h/w + notes

NY Times Weekly- News Quiz Quiz- compiled by TK, cc, h/w notes

O Canada, O Cannabis- essay, written for Nomad mag

O God- cc

O Mother- a 57 Varietous Bouquet- pub in SWN May 7 1980, h/w notes, typed, cc, printed article

O to the NY Times- 60s

Parsin Parson Garson- 60s essay h/w, cc

Party, The- ss 40s or 50s

Patriotic Bore (or Out of the Mouths of Knaves)- list of quotes pub in SWN July 1, 1976, typed, cc, copy of pub article

Perspectives of the Revolution- interview, notes, transcript- TK, Lannes Kenfield, Izzy Young, Jerry Rubin, Anita Hoffman, Wolf Lowenthal, Hank Williams

Pessimistic Proverbs- h/w

Pictures at an Exhibition- ss 40s or 50s

Politics of Happiness, The- 60s essay h/w

Politricks- 70s, typed

Pop Politics- 60s essays, typed, h/w, cc

#1 The Kiss Corps

#2 Support Our Boys in Vietnam Parade

#3 Operation Touch

#4 The Concentration Camp Caper

#5 The Double Agent Squared

#6 The Plant the Pot Ploy

#7 Journey to the End of Pornography

Postage Stamp Ads- cc + letter from National Lampoon about inclusion in 2/24/72 issue

Printing Press, The- essay written as a response for Avante Garde article, “Which Machine Do You Hate?” 1971

Put the X Back in X-Mas- typed, plus printed article, from SWN Dec 23, 1976

Questionable Cartoons- list of cartoons + some orig cartoons

Radical Proposal #4

Radical Proposal #5- Share My Wealth- h/w

Rock and Roll Quarterly article March 1991- orig illus, drawings, quotes

Rub Ya Out of Omore Diem, The- h/w, typed ms for Birth Press book

Safe Conduct Pass- orig collage

Seize the Day- quotes about death, typed, h/w notes

Sex Americana- article in Oui magazine April- Aug 1982, typed, cc

Sex & War- 60s essay h/w, cc

Sheaves from the Book of Condrums- typed

Shitorial- essay, h/w, cc

So What- column for Soho Weekly News?

Sound and Sane- book review of Accidental Facts 1956

Stairway to the Grave- list of industrial deaths, 1978 + research

Star Peace- TK/Ed Sanders, opera, notes, research, copies

State, The- ss 40s? h/w

Suckcess, or, The American Scream- 1969, 9 scenarios in 9 scenes, h/w, typed, cc

Surely the People Is Flowers- movie idea, copy 60s

Swing- cover orig photo & neg

Teach Yourself Fucking- 2 boxes- notes, ms, research, etc for book

Thanksgiving- 21 Things to Be Thankful For- h/w, typed + printed article in Voice Nov 27, 1978

69 Things to Be Thankful For- pub in Voice Dec 3, 1996

Thoughts on the White Problem, a Black and White Manifesto- 60s essay

TK/ST notes/research for article in The Canadian April 1975

To Vote or Not to Vote, Is That the Question?- essay, h/w, typed

Translator, The- ss 40s or 50s cc

True Professions- TK/ST # 13- 21 Gun Salute to Arms Dealers cc

True Professions- TK/ST book idea about 50 professions- 21 Gun Salute to Lawyers, Medicine, Journalism (printed in SWN Oct 1978), etc- proposal, rejection letters, h/w notes, “punch tape” etc

Tuli’s Didactic Dick-shun-aerie for Special Children- h/w 90s?

Uses and Fuses of Education The- essay cc

Warholics Anonymous

What about Me?- movie idea

What Good Is Art?- h/w

What if I Were Caught Stealing?- ss 40s or 50s

What the States Whisper

What to Do after the Revolution?- book idea, notes/correspondence bet TK and Robert Bashlow

What to Do Til the Doctor Goes- copies

Where Was the Light When Moses Went Out?- play copy

Who Are You? Radio play- produced by The Pulse #2, aired on WNYC Oct 15, 1942

Why the US Should Marry the USSR- 60s essay

Why Write? Or In Pursuit of an Audience- essay 1972 h/w, typed

Woodstock Nation- 1970 h/w, cc

World Is a Wedding, The- travel diary, Greece 1984 cc

Worst of Everything- book proposal typed, research

Worst of Everything, Dumb Records- #15 Sports- layout w illus + research, h/w, typed

Dumb Records- #19- layout w illus, h/w

Write On?- 101 Advices from Authors- typed

Yiggers, Blonkies, and Crackers- Philosophies of Murder- essay, typed, h/w, cc

Yipcon-It’s My Yipparty and I’ll Cry if I Want to- article about Yippie convention 1978? h/w, cc

Yorkville Days and Nights- biographical essay cc

Your Young Men Shall See Visions- play

Youth Is a Maniac- quotes about youth, typed


B. Newspoems- 2 boxes

Hundreds of original handwritten, typed, and carbon-copied newspoems dating from the 1960s to 1980s. Newspoems are poems inspired by newspaper articles which Tuli would cut out and paste to the page above the original typed poem.


C. Novels (unpublished)- 3 boxes

Untitled- 15 chapters from 1940s?

The Fucks- satirical autobiographical novel from the 1980s


D. Poems- 3 boxes

Hundreds of original handwritten, typed, and carbon-copied poems dating from the late 1930s to 1960s


E. Set Lists, Show Information, and Album Notes- 3 boxes

These files include dates and venues of many of TK’s performances, including detailed set lists with song lyrics and h/w notes to himself about what to say/do while performing. Also files of notes made while recording different albums, including:

Album notes- The Fugs Final CD (Part 1)

Album notes- Tuli and Friends- 5 folders

Album notes- No Deposit, No Return

Album notes- Belle of Avenue A


F. Songs- 5 boxes

Over 300 original handwritten, typed, carbon-copied, and xeroxed songs dating from the 1960s to 2000s, plus misc work files.

Notable songs include:

Carpe Diem



Dover Beach

The Garden Is Open

Go Fuck Yourself with Your Atom Bomb


I Am an Artist for Art’s Sake

I’m Gonna Kill Myself over Your Dead Body

Kill for Peace

Morning, Morning


Septuagenarian in Love

Shake Shake Whore of Babylon


The Ten Commandments

This Is a Hit Song

Way Down South in Greenwich Village

When the Mode of the Music Changes

You Can Go at Any Time

You Can’t Get to Heaven on Rolling Stone


8. Printed Ephemera


A. Tuli Kupferberg and Revolting Theater- Event Flyers, Posters, and Misc Ephemera- 2 boxes, including:

1 1001 Ways to Beat the Draft- announcement for Oliver Layton Press version

1 1001 Ways to Make Love- announcement for German edition 1970

1 Are These Our Children?- request for submissions

1 Benefit for the Conspiracy- flyer w TK at Weinstein Sub Cellar, Sunday May 4

2 Birth Press- list of publications Jan 1962

1 Caught in the Act- flyer

1 Che Lives, Up on Abbie’s Roof- flyer for party on Abbie Hoffman’s roof w TK on list of “Folks Who Have Been Invited To Drop Up”

1 Free Ranger Tribe order form for “Newspoems”

10 Fuck for Peace- flyers w BP ad on back

1 No Deposit No Return- album insert

1 Poster- Art Institute of Chicago- Rosner Gallery w pic of TK

1 Poster- The Bridge Presents “Outfall”- performance w TK at Wash Sq Park Sat Sept 25

10 Safe Conduct Passes

1 Reading of “Fuck Nam” at the Folklore Center (in association with The Week of the Angry Arts)- flyer

1 TK reading at the Division of Special Collections, NYU Libraries, Feb 29, 1968- flyer

1 TK reading at the Folklore Center May 8, 1966- flyer

1 TK reading at the Folklore Center Oct 24, 1966- flyer

1 TK reading at Le Metro Wednesday, April 28- flyer

1 TK reading at Le Metro July 8, 1964- flyer + 1 schedule for summer 64 Le Metro readings

1 The Free City of Greenwich Village- Our Candidates- flyer w TK as Commissioner of Radiation and Public Health

1 Weatherlove playbill- (performed at Danceteria) featuring TK

1 World’s Worst Questionnaire- request for submissions for TK book The Worst of Everything


B. The Fugs- Show Flyers, Posters, Misc Ephemera- 1 box, including:

The Bridge- programs- inc Fugs performances

1 June 1965

1 July 1965

1 August 1965

1 Sep 1965

1 Dec 1965

1 The Cino’s Not For Burning- benefit for Caffe Cino, Tuesday June 29, w Fugs- program

2 Ed Sanders Free on Bail Letter- flyers

1 Esp-Disk- catalog w the Fugs

1 Esp Fugs- press release by Tim Boxer

1 Erotic Energies Festival- benefit w ES and TK Sunday May 4- flyer

1 Experimental Film at the Bridge Theatre, December w Fugs- flyer

1 Freak with the Fugs at Ego East, Friday July 2- flyer

1 Fugathon at The Bowery Poets Co-op, Sun Sep 26- flyer

1 The Fugs Are Back from Their Cross Country Tour- Midnight Saturdays at The Bridge- flyer

1 The Fugs Are Coming- w press release- flyer

1 Fugs at Café Au Go Go, Fri and Sat Dec 10 & 11- flyer

1 Fugs- Colorado April 6- flyer

1 Fugs at the American Theatre for Poets, March 8, 1965- program

1 Fugs at the Astor Playhouse- flyer

1 Fugs at the Bridge Theater, Saturdays in July 1965- flyer

1 Fugs at the East End Theater, March 8, 1965- flyer

1 Fugs at the East End Theater, 3 Day Festival, March 29, 30, April 5- flyer

1 Fugs at the Kaleidoscope, Hollywood- flyer

1 Fugs at the Players Theater- program

1 Fugs at Town Hall, June 12, 1966- flyer

1 Fugs envelope- printed red white and blue

1 Fugs Flip- TK flipbook

1 Fugs Night of Napalm at The Bridge, Saturday August 7- flyer

1 Fugs Night of Napalm at The Bridge, Saturday August 7- large handwritten sign

1 Fugs show July 13, 1966- program w song list

1 Fugs Songbook- original 1965

1 Fugs Songbook- 1965 reprint (copy?)

1 Fugs Songbook- 1966 reprint (both w some pages missing)

1 Fugs Songbook- 1968 reprint by Artist’s Workshop Press

1 Fugs Sticker

1 Grope- flyer

1 NY Underground Benefit for Dale Winborn “Abolition of Jails” w Fugs, Burroughs, Warhol, etc.- ticket

1 Peace Eye Bookstore- flyer

1 The Pretentious Folk Front Presents The Folk Rock Mantra w Fugs, Allen Ginsberg, etc Fri November 5- poster

1 Protest Against Narcotics Agents w Fugs at The Village Gate, Sunday June 22- flyer

1 SF Mime Troupe Appeal Party w Fugs, Sat Nov 6- flyer

1 Song by the Fugs- small broadside from Avalanche Rock and Roll Issue

1 Stop the Draft Week w Fugs as sponsors- flyer

1 They’re Back- Fugs at The Bridge, June 12 & 19- flyer

1 VDC Campus Benefit w Fugs at Berkeley Community Theater, Fri Oct 22- poster


C. Photos and Negatives of the Fugs and Tuli Kupferberg- 2 boxes, including:

Over 200 Fugs photos 1960s

Over 200 TK performance photos from Revolting Theater, Coca Crystal show, 1980s to 2000s Fugs and Fuxxons, and various solo performances

Over 100 misc NYC street scenes, protests, etc, 1960s

Over 500 strips of B&W negatives of NY LES scene, Fugs, etc, from 1960s


9. Tuli Kupferberg Professional Papers, Research Notes, and Source Material- 15 boxes and several file cabinets (50+ linear feet)

An exceptional collection of magazine and newspaper clippings of political, cultural, and other topical subjects; political cartoons; plus advertisements and other illustrations of interest to Tuli for his publications and collages. Main subjects of interest include: Children, Counterculture-60s, Death, Drugs, Medicine, Music, Vietnam War Resistance, War. Illustrations include a huge collection of magazine and catalogue advertisements dating from late 19th century to 2000s, saved for use in publications and performances, such as Revolting Theater skits, and later in Revolting News.


10. Publications with Tuli Kupferberg Articles, Cartoons, Newspoems, Poems, and Songs- 18+ boxes, including:


A. Newspapers

1 Ace vol 1 #3 Jan 25, 1972 TK song from Listen to the Mockingbird “A Hard Knight’s Day” p.22

1 Ace Vol 1 #6 March 15, 1972 TK song “Nixon Fucks Me” p.23

1 Ace #7 March 28, 1972 TK untitled song from LTTM to the Tune of HMS Pinafore p.2

1 Ace #8 April 18, 1972 TK song “San Diego Be Sure To Wear A Helmet …” p.20

1 Ace #9 June 6, 1972 TK song from LTTM “I Got Bombs” p.2

1 The Aquarian vol 10 #103 Nov 19, 1975 “The Beats Are Back” p.15

1 Aquarian Arts Weekly #428 July 21, 1982 TK cartoon p.5

1 AAW #430 Aug 4, 1982 TK cartoon p.4

1 AAW #431 Aug 11, 1982 TK newspoem p.3

1 AAW #432 Aug 18, 1982 TK cartoon p.5

1 AAW #433 Aug 25, 1982 TK cartoon p.5

1 AAW #434 Sep 1, 1982 TK cartoon p.4

1 AAW #436 Sep 15, 1982 TK cartoon p.4

1 AAW #438 Sep 29, 1982 TK cartoon p.5

1 AAW #440 Oct 13, 1982 TK cartoon p.5

1 AAW #441 Oct 12-20, 1982 TK cartoon p.6

1 AAW #442 Oct 27, 1982 TK cartoon p.7

1 The Aquarian Weekly #445 Nov 17, 1982 TK cartoon p.5

1 The Artisan vol 1 #5 May 1968 TK article “Being Some Revolutionary Alternatives to Violence And Part 3 of How To Think About the Police” front cover

1 Avatar #7 Sep 1-14 “Fugs in Boston” p.8

1 Berkeley Barb vol 3 #13 Sep 30, 1966 review of 1001 Ways To Beat the Draft, with excerpts p.4

1 BB vol 3 #19 Nov 11, 1966 Fugs Quotes In “Aphorisms To Swear By” p.6

1 BB vol 3 #22 Dec 2, 1966 “A Fig for the Fugs” p.6

1 BB vol 4 #1 Jan 6, 1967 TK Article “Parsin, Parson Garson, Or: The Erratic Revolution” p.6

1 BB vol 4 #2 Issue 74 Jan 13 1967 TK illustration “When

Beauty Barks I Heel” p.7

1 BB vol 4 #3 Jan 20, 1967 TK article “Who Needs a Screw?” p.6

1 BB vol 4 #16 April 21, 1967 TK article “The Love of Politics

and the Politics of Love” p.9

1 BB vol 4 #17 April 28-May 4, 1967 Review of Fugs Show with Allen Ginsberg “Proper Fuzz Miss Fugs’ Gang-Rape” By Richard Ogar p.7

1 BB vol 4 #19 May 12-18, 1967 TK and Ed Sanders Interviews “I’ve Been a Revolutionary Longer Than I’ve Been a Fug”, “I’m Just a Poet in a One Man Band” pp. 8-9

1 BB vol 4 #22 June 2-8, 1967 film review of “Chappaqua” (w Fugs) p.9

1 BB vol 5 #3 July 28-Aug 3, 1967 TK article “The Hip and the Square, Pt. 1” p.8

1 BB vol 5 #5 Aug, 1967 TK article “The Hip and the Square, Pt. 2” p.8

1 BB vol 5 #6 Aug 11, 1967 TK article “The Hip and the Square, Pt. 3” p.8

1 BB vol 5 #23 Dec 8-14, 1967 TK article “How To Think About the Police” p.9

1 BB vol 5 #25 Dec 22-28, 1967 TK article “How To Think About the Police” p.4

1 Broadside and The Free Press vol 9 #9 June 17-30 1970 TK “Paul Revere” centerfold

1 Clone March 1974 (Hunter College Paper w Lannes Kenfield) TK song “My Way- Nixon’s Version” last page

1 Crawdaddy vol 4 #3 1970 newspoems by TK Sect.2, p.31

1 Crawdaddy vol 12 TK newspoem p.3

1 Crawdaddy Dec 26, 1971 TK poems “Swami” and “Shit-N-Bread” pp.8-9

1 Crawdaddy Feb 20 1972 TK (intro and compiled by) “Roots- Bringing It All Back Home” p.33

1 Crawdaddy March 5, 1972 TK songs “When Johnny Comes Nodding

“Home”and “This Land Is Their Land” pp.12-13

1 The Daily News City Lights supplement Dec 29, 1985 listing for Fugs show p.16

1 The Daily News-Big Town Songbook- March 9, 2004 “Spaghetti Death-The Fugs” article by David Hinckley p.29 +10 copies of Big Town Songbook w/o rest of paper

1 East Village Other vol 1 #1 ? “Country Fugathon Set for October” front cover

1 EVO vol 1 #5 Feb 1 1966 cover story on Ed Sanders arrest

1 EVO vol 1 #8 March 15 1966, poster for April Fools

Dance, Model’s Ball, Fugs show, at The Village Gate, back cover

1 EVO vol 1 # 10 Feb.1 1966Fugs show review p.9

1 EVO vol 1 #20 Sept 15 1966 TK poem “Bayonet Drill” p.15

1 EVO vol 2 #4 Jan 1967 TK article “Are the Police Necessary?” p.12

1 EVO vol 2 #7 March 1-15, 1967 TK listed on masthead as “At Large”

1 EVO Extra Be-In March 1967 Chappaqua review p.4

1 EVO vol 2 #11 TK article “The Politics Of Love” pp.4-5

1 EVO vol 2 #16 July 15-30, 1967 TK article “Uncle Tuli’s Peaceful Protest” p.4

1 EVO vol 2 #19 Aug 19-Sept 1, 1967 TK listed on masthead as “At Large,” ad for free Fugs show at Tompkins Sq Park, Fugs in Avant Garde ad

1 EVO vol 2 #20 Sept 1967 TK “NY Times” Inside Front Cover p.18

1 EVO vol 2 #21 TK on masthead “At Large”

1 EVO vol 5 #4 Dec 31 1969 TK “News” Quotes

1 EVO vol 5 #6 Jan 14 1970 TK Newspoem p.11

1 E.S.P. vol 1 #1 1971 photos of TK from “Fugs Flip” p.17

1 Ekstra Bladet (Copenhagen) March 19, 1969 article about “Fuck Nam” p.26

1 Free Ranger Intertribal News service vol 1 #17 Jan 20? TK newspoem

1 Free Ranger Tribe Presents UPS Newsservice vol 3 #1 Jan 7, 1972 TK song “Evolution” from Listen to the Mockingbird back cover

1 Freedom Jan 25, 1969 vol 30 #3 “Fugs Off” p.3

1 Freedom May 17, 2003 TK cartoon w pics by Donald Rooum back cover

1 Harvard Crimson Nov 14, 1973 review of TK performance “Getting

Fugged” p.2

1 The Hunter Clone vol?#1 Oct 1972 TK parasong “Nixon Fucks Me” p.2

1 In These Times vol 1 #30 June 15-21, 1977 TK newssong “Oh Kisssinger” p.22

1 Indypendant November 2000 TK cartoons p.6

1 Ink June 12, 1971 review of WR Mystery of the Organism with TK photo p.15

1 Ink Jan 21, 1972 TK and Jerry Rubin “Fuck America” p.8

1 International Free Press Nov 1, 1969 conversation between TK and Abbie Hoffman p.6

1 IT #9 Feb 27-March 12, 1967 TK article “When the Mode of the Music Changes the Walls of the City Shake” pp.8-9

1 IT #48 January 17-30 1969 TK centerfold “Longing for London”

1 IT #62 Aug 15-21, 1969 TK article “A Diatribe With Myself About Not-Violence” p.26

1 IT #77 April 9-14 1970 TK article “Where Have All The Hippies Gone?” p.19 Fugs mention p.17

1 IT #81 June-July 1970 TK “A Letter from NY Sunday May 31, 1970” p.10

1 IT Vol.4 #4 1977 TK parasong “Amazing Grass” p.77

1 Kolner Stadt Anzeiger(German) #26, Jan 31, 1969 article about Fugs p.8

1 LA Free Press vol 4#1 Jan 6, 1967 Kill For Peace slogan used in “Has Everyone Gone a Little Bit Mad?” p.8

1 LA Free Press vol 4 #15 April 14-20, 1967 ad for Fugs show w Allen Ginsberg at Santa Monica Civic p.5

1 LA Free Press vol 4#16 April 21-27, 1967 “Dylan Likes the Fugs” p.10

1 Lower East Side Moneysaver’s Weekly (Lannes Kenfield Editor and Art Director) #8 March 20, 1977 TK newspoem “Some Suggestions for New Ad Slogans” p.15

1 LES Moneysaver’s Weekly #10 March 27, 1977 TK newspoem “Song of the Warden of Niagara Jail” p.14

1 LES Moneysaver’s Weekly #12 April 10, 1977 TK newssong “Oh Kissinger” p.14

1 LES Moneysaver’s Weekly #13 April 18, 1977 TK newspoem “A Little Learning Is a Dang Thing …” p.14

1 LES Moneysaver’s Weekly#16 May, 1977 TK newspoem “Ex-Reading Boss …” p.5

1 Literary News Summer 1974 TK poem “Haldeman, Ehrlichman, and Dick” p.24. Ed Sanders article on front page

1 Metroland Sept 11-17, 2003 article about The Fugs w Pics of TK and ES “The Beat Goes On” by Tom Nattell pp.30-31

1 Move. Speak. ca.1969 Revolting Theater p. 11, TK bio p.13

1 NY Arts Weekly #443 Nov 3, 1982 TK cartoons pp.6,7,9

1 NY Arts Weekly #444 Nov 10, 1982 TK cartoons pp.5,6,9

1 NY Arts Weekly #445 Nov 17, 1982 TK cartoons pp.6,9

1 NY Arts Weekly #446 Nov 24, 1982 TK cartoons pp.7-9

1 NY Arts Weekly #447 Dec 1, 1982 TK cartoons pp.3,5,7

1 NY Arts Weekly #448 Dec 8, 1982 TK cartoons pp.3,8

1 NY Arts Weekly #449 Dec 8-15, 1982 TK cartoon p.8

1 NY Arts Weekly #450 Dec 22, 1982 TK cartoon pp.8,9

1 NY Arts Weekly #451 Dec 29, 1982 TK cartoon p.7

1 NY Arts Weekly #452 Jan 5, 1983 TK cartoon p.5

1 NY Arts Weekly #453 Jan 12, 1983 TK cartoon p.5

1 NY Arts Weekly #454 Jan 19, 1983 TK cartoon p.4

1 NY Arts Weekly #457 Feb 9, 1983 TK cartoon p.5

1 NY Free Press vol 1 #49 Dec 12-18 1968 ad for New Years benefit for NY Free Press with Fugs back cover

1 New York Nights #18 June 2003 TK “All We Are Saying Is Give War a Chance” (quotes on war) pp.2-3, TK cartoon, P.15

1 New York Press May 19-25, 1999 TK cartoon p.10 (+8 p.10’s)

1 New York Press June 2-8, 1999 TK cartoon p.10 (+4 p.10’s)

1 New York Press Aug 25-28, 1999 review of Fugs at Byrdcliffe Barn, Woodstock p.18

4 New York Press April 5-11, 2000 TK cartoons p.2 (+ 19 covers)

1 New York Press May 10-16, 2000 TK mention in “Feels Like I’m 64” p.14

5 New York Press September 20-26, 2000 article about TK, “The Old Fug” by John Strausberg, p.22, w TK cartoon

2 New York Press December 6-12, 2000 TK “Impeach the President” button, p.6, TK mention in “It’s Back to Camelot” by Alexander Cockburn, p.18, listing for reading of Allen Ginsberg poetry at Tonic w TK p.63

1 New York Press December 19-25, 2001 article about Fugs “The Old School” by Robert Christgau, p.28 (+ 4 p.28s)

1 New York Press September 18-24, 2002 listings for TK reading at Bowery Poetry Club, p.60, p.73

1 New York Review of Books June 20, 1968 article “Recent Books on the Draft” mentions 1001 Ways To Beat the Draft p.25

1 New York Smith Summer 1974 TK poem “Haldeman, Erlichman and Dick” p.24

1 The New York Times July 15, 2003 article about Fugs w pic of TK and ES “Rock’n’roll Dissidents, Fearless for 4 Decades” by Ben Sisario p.E1 + 4 copies of the Arts Section (with article)

2 New York Times October 9, 2004 review of Fugs show at Knitting Factory w pic of TK by Jon Pareles p.B14

1 The News vol 5 #2 Sept 14, 1972 TK picture on front cover

1 Night Call- Brooklyn College Evening News vol 15 #3 Oct 1977 TK song “This Train Is Bound for Brooklyn” p.6

1 Open City issue 52 May 1-14, 1968 TK photo and blurb p.3

1 Open Road #2 Spring 1977 TK newspoem “Hey Sport …” p.2

1 The Onion July 10-16, 2003 blurb for Fugs show at the Village Underground p.28

1 Other Scenes #1, March 1968 excerpts from TK’s “Some Revolutionary Alternatives to Violence” and “How to Think About the Police”

1 Other Scenes vol 1 #5 Aug 1968 TK excerpt from “How to Think About the Police”, Lannes Kenfield article “As Seen from the Far East Side”

1 Other Scenes vol 1 #8 Nov 1968 Safe Conduct Pass p.1, NYC Address Book, with TK, “The Caca Caper”

1 Other Scenes vol 1 #9 Dec 1968 TK and Judith Wehlau “If Men Had Happy Bodies There Would Be No War,” TK drawings on last page, Sylvia Topp designed many pages. Interview with Ken Weaver by Lannes Kenfield “Blows Against the Empire” back cover

1 Other Scenes Vol 1 #10 Jan 1969 “Perspectives on the Revolution” talk with TK, Lannes Kenfield, Anita Hoffman, Izzy Young, Wolf Lowenthal, Hank Williams, and Jerry Rubin p.3

1 Other Scenes #4 April 1969 TK “Support Our Boys in Vietnam” back cover photo

1 Other Scenes vol 3 #7 June 1969 ad for “Are These Our Children?” back inside cover

1 Pterodactyl nd (Grinell, Iowa) review of TK poem “ I Say to Masturbate Is Human, to Fuck Divine …” and TK article “The Politics of Love”

1 Pterodactyl May 19, 1969 excerpt from 1001 Ways To Live Without Working

1 Rat vol2 #22 Nov 1969 Revolting Theater review in “Radical Theater Festival” by LannesKenfield p.23

1 The Real Free Press #6 1974 ad for Revolting Theater, ad for ESP

1 The Rice Thresher Feb 20, 1969 ad for Fugs show, back cover

1 Rolling Stock #9 1985 TK cartoon p.14

1 Rolling Stock #10 1985 Fugs on cover and pp.3-10

1 Satyrday (Toronto) vol 3 #6 ad for Fugs concert at Massey Hall back


1 ea SAW #s 1-4,#7, #8 May- July 1984 TK cartoons

1 Screw #365 March 1, 1976 TK and ST “Fuckwords of All Nations” p.20

1 Screw #420 March 21, 1977 TK article “Kupferberg’s Fuckwords” p.17

1 Screw #436 Juy 11, 1977 TK “A Gross of Cock and Cunt” p.16

1 ea Soho Arts Weekly #s 1-4, #8, #10 Sep-Dec 1985 w TK cartoons

1 Soho Weekly News May 30, 1974 TK parasong “Axe Man” p.2

1 Soho Weekly News June 12, 1975 TK newspoem “Long Days Journey” p.16

1 Soho Weekly News April 29, 1976 Book Fair supplement TK “Write On” back cover

1 Soho Weekly News Sept 2-8, 1976 TK “101 Labordaze” p.13

2 Soho Weekly News vol 5 #19 Feb 9-15, 1978 TK love quotes “Be My Comic Valentine” back cover

1 Soho News May 7-13, 1980 TK quotes about mothers “O Mother” p.11

1 Soho News Feb 23, 1982 TK cartoon “Never Too Late” p.18

1 Strike Now (Hunter College w LK articles) TK poem “Declining Lie” p.1

1 The Sunday Times July 20, 2003 review of Fugs show at the Village Underground p.25

1 Super Love (Copenhagan) March 1968 Fugs, p.7

1 Super Love May 1968 TK and ES “Fuck You” p.10

1 Up the Slope Nov. 1978 TK interview “I’m Too Old to Be a Scab” p.12

4 Village Voice vol 2 #23 April 3, 1957 TK poem “An Uncle Once” p.4

1 VV vol 2 #28 May 8, 1957 TK poem “Solomon at Seventy” p.4

2 VV vol 2#40 July 31, 1957 TK poem “Fill Me Full of Feeling” p.4

2 VV vol 2 #49 October 2, 1957 TK poem “I Do Not Dare to Read” p.5

3 VV vol 3 #1 October 30, 1957 TK poem “The Deserted Village” pp.10-11

1 VV vol 11 #39 July 14, 1966 ads for Fugs Show at Players Theater pp.10, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20. photo and blurb of Fugs p.20

1 VV vol 16 #21, May 27, 1971 “Tales of Kupferberg” by Lucien K. Truscott IV, p.77

1 VV vol 17 #20 May 18, 1972 TK song “I Am the Ruler of the Cia” p.76

1 VV Aug 24 1973 review of As They Were w photos p.43

2 VV April 1, 1986 TK cartoon p.3

2 VV February 26, 2002 “Teach Yourself Fugging” by Robert Christgau, p.68

1 VV April 2-8, 2003 listing for TK reading at the Bowery Poetry Club in Voice Choices, p.95

1 VV May 21-27, 2003 ad for Lower East Side Festival of the Arts w TK p.68

1 VV July 16-22, 2003 blurb for Fugs show at the Village Underground p.80, club listing p.104

1 VV November 12-18, 2003 Honorable Mention for Fugs Final Cd Pt.1 p.C 92

1 VV September 1-7 2004 ES parasong “America the Beautiful” sung by TK at Ed’s 65th Bday party p.C 82

1 Woodstock Journal Dec 27-Jan 10, 2003 TK cartoon w pics by Donald Rooum “A Short History of the Human Race” p.8

1 The Worker Dec 10, 1967 TK mention in “Roll of Honor” back cover

2 Yipster Times vol 1 #3 Nov/Dec 1972 TK song from LTTM “Yogee from Muskogee” p.14

1 Yipster Times Feb 1976 TK song “The Cia Was Eating Beans” p.2

1 Yipster Times vol 5 #3 May, 1977 TK song “Oh Kissinger” p.20


B. Small Pamphlets/’Zines

1 101 Ways To Kill Each Other Without Nuclear Weapons for Tuli Kupferberg by Stephen Petroff 1982

1 1Cent # 200 April 5 1988 TK cart last page handwritten note to TK on cover

1 ea. A C M ‘Another Chicago Magazine’ issues 7, 8, 9, & 10 1982-1984 TK cartoons throughout (4 total)

1 Action & Defiance Fall 1987 TK cartoon p.3 Fugs mention p.4

1 April Caprice March 12 1990 TK Newspoem p. 57

1 Avalanche Summer 1967 TK song “When the Mode of the Music Changes” inside cover

1 Bill Of Rights Journal Vol.21 Winter 1988 TK article ‘Birth of the Fugs’ p.17-18

1 Bohemian Upchuck a Bad Newz Papoose ca. 1989 TK song “First National Anthem…” p.9

1 Boss #2 1967 TK poem “In My Bisexual Motherland …” p.35

1 Bread & #1 1960 TK short story “The Translator” pp.45-52

1 City Lights Review no.3 1989 TK cartoon p.1

1 The Column Of Lasting Insignifigance by John Wilcock 2001 TK cartoon p.1

1 Die Macht Der Blumen Dec 1967 (German) TK p.3

1 Flesh Salad March 1969 (Belfast) TK song “Life Is Funny” w/ hand-typed note from editor Philip Jenkins to TK mentioning arrest in “recent Belfast trouble” and subsequent “LO month [sic]” institutionalization

1 Freak Feb. 1964 TK letter to editor, mention of Yeah

1 Freak Nov. 1964 1001 Ways To Live Without Working reviewed

1 Genesis West vol 1 #4 Summer 1963 TK cartoons throughout

1 In NY vol 1 #16 TK mention p.25

1 Intercourse #1 TK & ST thanked for ‘donating the paper and the cover design’ inside front cover

1 Intercourse #2 1965 TK poem “I Say” p. 15, scene II from “Caught in the Act” p.40, BP ad p.45

1 The Little Red Song Book 36th Edition May 1, 1995 TK cart. p.67

1 Long Hair #1 1965 TK poem “Chance Encounter” p.47

1 Magazine 5 #9 1972 (in box) TK poem “In Praise of the Puerto Ricans”

1 Marrahwanna Quarterly #2 Winter 64/5 TK poem “Here’s a Toast to Others …”

No Trees 1 ea. of 7 different issues - ranging from issue 4 Sept. ’87 to issue 12 Spring ‘89, each with TK cartoons, collages, and songs throughout,. Contributions from Ed Sanders throughout.

1 Not Guilty #1 1975 (w TK note to Harry?) TK song “Universal Housewife” p.25

1 Not Guilty #3 Feb 1978 Ed Derek Pell, TK excerpt from The Fucks, “The Special Agent” pp.36-39

1 Nuke Chronicles 1980 TK parasong “Nuclear Submarine” last page

1 Other Scenes Special Digest Issue Oct-Dec 1968 TK “Some Revolutionary Alternatives”

1 Other Scenes vol 5 #3 Fall 1971 TK quote, inside cover

1 Other Scenes Sept 1973 TK song “This Land Is Their Land” inside cover

1 Other Scenes Magical And Mystical Sights 1977 TK mention on back cover

1 The Outsider #1 Fall 1961 TK poem “Great” p.87

1 Prospectus for Outsider #1 Winter 1960-61 Issue w/ TK listed as contributor

1 Pavement nd- 60s? TK poem “A Poet Regrets That He Has But One Life”

1 The Pheonix Bookshop Catalogue #136 Jan/Feb 1977 TK books for sale p.24

1 Poetry Detroit #4 1984 TK Newspoems pp.34-36

1 Poetry Newsletter #5 Sept 1965 TK poem “STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP!” in “Special Section on Viet Nam”

1 Public Illuminations Magazine No. 19 Feb. 1982 ‘Darcon’ (TK) Cartoon p. 6

1 Public Illuminations Magazine No. 20Apr. 1982 ‘Cradon’ (TK) Cartoon p. 13

1 ea. Public Illumination Magazine No. 21, 23, 25, 27, 30, & 34 from June ’82 to June ’86, TK cartoons under different aliai (6 total)

1 Pure And Unexpurgated Poems – James Michael Ward Drawings- Tuli Kupferberg 1995 with note from J M W to TK on cover

1 Quixote 10 8 TK ‘The Fucks Go To Appleton- Section 15 of The Fucks’ p. 62-63

1 Quixote vol 6 #10 1972? 2 TK poems “Theory of Disgust”and “Poem”

1 Quixote Back to Nature issue-nd TK poem “The Failed Seduction” p.50

1 Salad Talk #1 1965 TK poem p.18

1 Sexology Jan 1968 TK quote in “The Hippie Sex Freedom Movement” p.371

1 Summer Reading by Kirby Gookin 1997 list of Tuli’s cartoon books

1 This Magazine is About Schools Autumn 1968 Fugs pic p.73

Through The Cracks 1 each of issues 2, 4, 5, 6, & 7 Spring 1992-Spring 1996 TK cartoons/poems throughout

1 Tilt 1967 Ed Urban Gwerder, signed To TK

1 Underground Press 1982 (Greece) TK photo, note from editor on jacket- “Thanks Tuli [for helping me to] finish this book about the underground press”

1 War Resisters League Annual Dinner And Peace Award Ceremony: A Celebration Of David McReynolds, May 1, 1999 TK parasong ‘David’s Song’ p.3

1 Wildflowers ‘A Woodstock mountain poetry anthology’ Vol.5 July 2004 TK poem ‘Redacting the O.T.’ p. 9

1 World Of Nuts: Bad Newz # 10(?) ca.1987 TK cart

1 The Wormwood Review vol 5 #1 1965 Guest Ed Allen De Loach, TK poem “Love Is All Fucked Up” p.10


C. 8 1/2 x 11 Magazines and Pamphlets

1 16 Magazine May 1966 Fugs pic and mention “Last Minute Flashes” p.44

1 Abraxas vol 1 #1 Dec 1969 excerpt from an interview w TK “Fug Quotes” p.24

1 Alternative Media July/Aug 1976 article w TK mention “Where Have All the Writers Gone?” p.20

1 The Alternative Press Revue vol 8 #9 April/May c.1975 TK newspoem p.10

1 Apple Pie Sept 1975 TK “101 Economic Epigrams” p.32

1 Arthur Moyse’s Terrible Garden World Birth Press drawing

1 Arts In Society vol 6 #3 1969 “Kill For Peace…” poem by William F. Weege p.421

1 Athene vol 10 #4 Spring 1963 review of Swing p.20

1 The Awakening Realm vol 1 Issue 1 April 30, 1966 interview w TK

1 Blacklist #6 1965 Fugs songs pp. 48-49, TK poem p. 86

1 Blue Beat March 1964 TK poem “Williamsburg Bridge” p. 22

1 Bonniers Litterara Magasin #6 1968 TK “Ur Fucknam” p.451, “Come On Fugs, Let’s Grope” p.441, interview w Fugs, p.445

1 The Bottom of the Birdcage May 1964 (Penn State) Ed Don Demaio, excerpt from Yeah 7, p.10

1 ea Broadside #s 148, 149, 155, 156,157, 160, 162, 166, 167, 176, 185, 186 (1984-1988) (12 total)w TK parasongs, cartoons, Fugs reviews

1 The Campus Voice (San Jose University) May 27, 1963 TK article “Sex and War”

1 The Campus Voice (San Jose University) #17 1963 TK from Yeah 6 “Ode to a Chinese Bomb” p.12

1 The Carolina Quarterly Fall 1956 TK poem “Of Some Not Even” p.29

1 Cheer Spring ’82 Vol 3 #4 TK cartoon (w/ J Crawford) p5

1 Cheetah March 1968 Fugs mention “Guthrie Bester’s Super-Heterodyne Top 100 Albums” p.64

1 Clyde May 1966 Fugs article by Norman Schreiber p.10

1 The Co-Evolution Quarterly #19 Fall 1978 TK Letter to the Editor “A Salute to Arms Dealers” p.140

1 Congress #2 1967 TK poem “The Coney Isle of Lincoln Center” p.25

1 Creem Feb 1974 ballot to vote for TK’s “The Worst of Everything” p.60

1 Cuddons #11 July 1967 w Fuck Nam

1 Cultural Correspondence #1 1981 TK cartoon p.8

1 Cultural Correspondence #2 Winter 83 TK mention and pic in article about radical humor performance pp.40-41

1 Damp #3 Spring 1988 TK pic on cover, TK interview

1 Der Spiegel Jan 26 1970 review of Fuck Nam p.123

1 Diplomat Nov 1966 ‘Kill For Peace’ button mention p.76

1 Dirty Linen #111 April, 2004 call for LTTM 5 submissions p.91

1 East Side Review Jan/Feb 1966 TK “11 Anti-Modernist Fables” pp.78-79

1 Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal #3 Winter 2001/2002 Fugs photo on cover, TK poem ‘shakespeare’s brain/shakespeare’s heart’ p.28

1 Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal #4 Summer 2002 TK cartoon

1 Elementary English Oct 1961 Swing excerpted p.383

1 Entrails #1 July 1966 TK poems “ A Cunt Primer” and untitled pp. 6-7

1 Entrails Anthology 1967 TK “Untitled” p.36

1 Evergreen Review June 1967 Fugs mention p.82

1 Evergreen Review Feb 1969 TK 1001 Ways to Make Love p.36

1 Fact vol 4#4 July/Aug 1967 TK article “Divided We Stand” p.2

1 The Fracus Noat c.1968 TK article “A Simple Statement on the War” last page

1 Freak Out, USA Fall 1967 “The Fugs: Wiggy, Weird , Wonderful” p.32

1 Free Ranger Intertribal News Service 1970? TK cartoon

1 Free Ranger Tribe Presents UPS News Service vol 3 #1 Jan 1972 TK parasong “Evolution” back cover

1 Freespace vol 3 #23 Aug 28,1978 TK mention w note p.2

1 Fruit Cup #0 1969 Beach Books, Ed Mary Beach, TK “Tuli’s Movie Idea,” Safe Conduct Pass, Fugs photos

1 Gateavisa #2, 1972 (Oslo) Fugs p.13

1 Ginger Snaps March 1972 Ed Michael Gibbs (w letter from MG to TK) TK song from LTTM “Evolution,” “Hello, Remember Me?” from Newspoems

1 Global Tapestry #1 c.1970 TK article “Some Revolutionary Alternatives”

1 Global Tapestry #8 Sept 1979 ads for First Glance and LTTM p.38

1 Gotham City March 1975 TK “101 Pessimistic Proverbs” p.44

1 The Great Hippie Hoax 1968 w Kill for Peace button on cover

1 Grist #3 October 1964 TK “A Poet Is an Ass Without a Horse”

1 Grist #6 TK poem “For the Four”

1 Grist #9 1966 TK “Two Poems” p.33

1 Grist #12 TK at NY Be-In pics front cover

1 Hi Fi Stereo Review June 1968 review of TK’s “An Evening of Pop Poetry” by Nat Hentoff p.107

1 High Fidelity Nov 1968 Fugs mention “1918-1968- From Over There To Kill for Peace” by Gene Lees pp.57-60

1 High Times July 1980 TK “I’m Glad I Didn’t Say That” quotes/illus pp.48-51 + pic. P.5

1 High Times Nov. 1980 No.63 “Notes To You” quotes/ illus. pp. 60-61, “Dope Lore” pp.86-87

1 High Times Dec ’80 Dope Lore 2 p. 84

1 High Times Jan ’81 Dope Lore 3 p. 90

1 High Times Feb ’81 Dope Lore 4 p. 90 Ask Dr. Fuck p. 86

1 High Times March ’81 Dope Lore 5 p. 90

1 High Times April ’81 Dope Lore 6 p. 90

1 High Times May ’81 Dope Lore 7 p. 90

1 High Times July ’81 Dope Lore 8 p. 93

1 High Times Aug ’81 Dope Lore 9 p.85

1 High Times Sept ’81 Dope Lore 10 p. 82

1 High Times Oct ’81 Dope Lore 11 p. 83

1 High Times Nov ’81 Dope Lore 12 p. 83

1 High Times Dec. ’81 Dope Lore 13 p. 90

1 High Times Jan. ’82 Dope Lore 14 p. 82, Letter to editor as ‘Martin K. Fuck, M.D. w/ cart, p.9

1 High Times Feb. ’82 Dope Lore 15 p. 86

1 High Times Mar. ’82 Dope Lore 16 p. 86

1 High Times July ’82 Dope Lore 20 p. 82, Ask Dr. Fuck pp.8-10

1 High Times Aug. ’82 Dope Lore 21 p. 82

1 High Times Oct. ’82 Dope Lore 23 p. 82

1 High Times Dec. ’82 Dope Lore 25 p. 82

1 High Times Jan. ’83 Dope Lore 26 p. 82 ‘Kiddie Porn’ from the collection of Tuli Kupferberg pp. 71-76

1 High Times Feb. ‘83Dope Lore 27 p. 82

1 High Times March ’83 Dope Lore 28 p. 82

1 High Times June 1983 cartoon “Remember When We Were Young and Stupid?” p.13, Dope Lore 31 p. 82

1 The Hippies 1967 Idlewild, TK pic p.55

1 Howl! 1st Annual Festival of East Village Arts souvenir book 2003 TK pic. P.13, Fugs mention p.7

1 Iconolatre #16 c.1964 mentions Yeah

1 Image Nation vol 1 #6 c.1972 movie script for Assassination Generation (later changed to Voulez Vous Coucher Avec God

1 Intercourse #5 Oct 1968 Tk poem “Sour Balls” p.4

1 Intrepid #6 1966 TK “Justice,” excerpt from “Caught in the Act”

1 Intrepid #7 March 1967- TK poems

1 Inter Tribal News Service vol 18 Feb 23 1971 TK newspoem

1 Jewish Frontier Aug 1948 TK poem “Song of the Yeshiva Bokker” p.24

1 Journal for the Protection of All Beings Fall 1978 TK “A Salute to Arms Dealers” p.140

1 Kauri #10 Sep-Oct 1965 TK mention in blurb about Free University of NY, p.10

1 Kauri #13 March- April 1966 TK poem, p.14

1 The Knitting Factory’s Cyber-Seder Sunday April 12 1998 TK’s full page notice explaining why he ‘won’t be participating’ p.51

1 L Magazine July 9-22, 2003 blurb for Fugs show at the Village Underground p.54

1 Lafayette Screws #3 March 30, 1970 Fugs flyer back cover

1 LCD May 1994 TK Cart inside front cover

1 Liberation Sept 1958 TK poem “Poem on the Death of Reich” p.12

1 Liberation Nov 1967 vol 12 #8 mentions exorcism of the Pentagon p.32

1 Liberation Jan 1973 TK poem “Comere You Runt …” p.24

1 Liberation July 1975 TK newspoem p.5

1 Liberation News Service #47 Feb 28, 1968 TK article “Wild Surmises”

1 Ludds Mill #16/17 c.1980 article about TK with cartoon p.17

1 Magazine-2 1965 TK mention in “A History of NY Coffeehouse Readings” p.21 and “A Calendar of Important Poets and Their Books” p.28, ad for Peace Eye Bookstore

1 Marijuana Quarterly 2 #4 1966, 1001 WTBTD in Mags listing

1 The Marrahwannah Quarterly #2 Winter 64-65 TK poem

1 The Marrahwannah Quarterly #4 1965, Ed D.A. Levy, Birth Press listing, last page

1 Mary Jane: a Journal of Modern Cannabinology (Catalyst #15) 1985 TK song “Amazing Grass” inside front cover

1 Merlin’s Music Box (Greece) #10 Jan 1992 TK interview w/ pics pp. 42-45

1 Mole Pilot Issue 1983 TK cartoons pp.6-7

1 Mole #1 March 1984 TK cartoons pp.7, 56; Letter to editor complaining about TK cartoon from pilot issue p.4

1 Mole #2 May 1984 TK cartoon p.47

1 National Lampoon Oct 1985 TK and Ed Sanders “What to Name Your Band” p.14

1 National Lampoon Nov 1985 TK Collection of Parasongs- ‘America You Love Me (A Satire)’ p. 64

1 National Lampoon May 1986 TK “Dumb Records” p. 18

1 National Lampoon Oct 1988 TK “Dumb Records” p. 12

1 National Screw Dec 1976 TK Fiction “Women Who Have Known Me” pp. 78-81

1 National Screw Feb 1977 TK List ‘Goodbye Cruel World…” pp. 18-19

1 National Screw March 1977 TK “ Let Them Eat Shit” p.86

1 National Screw April 1977 TK “Cavalcade of Morts” p.66

1 National Screw July 1977 TK “Dead Before 40” p.94

1 New York May 7, 1979 TK interview p.82

1 New York News Service vol 1 #4 Oct 10, 1973 interview with TK “Time, Culture, and the Ex-Fug” by Steve Kraus p.7

1 New York News Service vol 1 #5 Oct 29, 1973 TK “World’s Worst Questionnare” p.8

1 New York News Service vol 1 #7 Nov. 28, 1973 TK parasong “Haldeman, Ehrlichman, And Dick” p.3

1 NY Scenes vol 1 #10 March 1969 TK Safe Conduct Pass p.21

1 News from Nowhere vol 2 #2 Oct 1973 TK newspoem back cover

1 The Newsletter on the State of the Culture March 31, 1972 TK article “Madness in Toronto”

1 The Newsletter on the State of the Culture December 6, 1978 TK article Special Report “Nostalgia for the Future: 80s Conference in Madison: Oct 17 -21, 1978”

1 Newsweek July 10 1967 “Kill For Peace” lyrics mentioned p.84

1 Nexus #32 Spring 1997 TK parasong ‘Because The State’ p.41

1 Nexus #33 Fall 1997 TK parasong ‘Uranus’ p.24-25

1 Nexus #34 100th issue 1998 TK parasong ‘Paint It Red (& Black)’ pp.46-47, TK cartoons throughout

1 Normals Unlimited vol 1 #1 Spring 1971 excerpt from 1001 WTBTD

1 Not Guilty #4 1979 TK cartoons pp.26-30

1 Ole #7 May 1967 review of BP books in Small Press Book Review

1 Operation Sidewinder (Sam Shepard play) playbill 1970 Fugs mention p.26, ‘C.I.A. Man’ used in play p. 21

1 Option July 1986 review of Fugs p.62

1 Orpheus TK article from Other Scenes “Yiggers, Blonkies and Crackers” p.4

1 Orpheus vol 1 #3 review of 1001 WTBTD p.38

1 Other Scenes Oct. 1970 Vol. 4 No. 8 “After The Revolution” by TK

1 Other Scenes Nov 1970 TK skit from Revolting Theater “Support Our Boys”

1 Out of Sight vol 1 #2 Aug 1, 1966 TK poem p.6

1 Outer Shell vol 17 1986 “The Fugs Legend” w correspondence

1 Pacifica July 1970? excerpt from Revolting Theater radio program

Address to the American Flag” p.1

1 People weekly May 2, 1983 Review of Fugs Greatest Hits Vol. 1

1 Poems of the People #2 1970 3 TK newspoems

1 Poems of the People #7 1970 TK newssong “With Princeton on Our Side”

1 Poets Feb 1978 Ed Donald Lev (w/ letter from DL To TK) TK mention on cover

1 Poets vol 1 #4 May 1978 TK pic on cover, TK parasong “On Top of Old Communism” p.7

1 Poets at Le Metro vol 15 July 1964 TK poem “Love Is All Fucked Up”

1 Poets at Le Metro vol 18, Nov 1964 TK poem “When He Went Through His Poem …” p.1

1 Poetmeat #6 Summer 1964 TK poem “When I Fight My Grandfather”

1 Poetmeat #7 Xmas 1964 A. Moyse drawing of Birth Press inside cover, TK “Ganga’ Gin”

1 Poetmeat #9/10 Summer 1965 TK poems “Tough Shit Eliot …” and “Visions from the New World” pp.78-79

1 Poetmeat #11 Summer 1966 TK’s name listed w others in “A Statement in Support of the Freedom to Read” first page

1 Poetmeat #12 TK mention in letter from G. Legman p.45, Fugs mention in “Lit Scenes” p.54, review of 1001 WTBTD p.63

1 Poetry Project Newsletter #5 April 1, 1973 LTTM mention

1 Pop-See-Cul #4 Nov 1966? “Would You Let Your Sister Marry a Fug?” p.7

1 Positively #1 TK on cover, Fugs article and TK interview

1 Pulse May 1942 TK poem “Those Grey Ships” p.17

1 Pulse Dec 1942 TK short story “God Bless the Child” p.3

1 Pulse May 1943 TK essay “Credo” p. 11 (Arab Kupa)

1 Q no.90 March ’94 “Fuck Art, Let’s Levitate The Pentagon!” article about Fugs pp. 46-49

1 Quixote vol 6 #14 Birth Press review, pp.49-50

1 Radikales Theater German, 1969 TK “Fuck Nam”

1 The Rag vol 1 #3 Oct 24, 1966 article about TK “Book for Peace” p.12

1 The Realist #68 August 1966 article ‘Who The Fugs Think They Are’ by John Wilcock pp.8-10 w/ illus. p.9

1 The Realist #138 Spring 1998 TK quoted back cover, hand-written post-it note from Paul Krassner on front cover

1 Red Gray & Blue art show booklet- Forum Gallery at Jamestown Community College Nov. 10- Dec. 10 1994- TK Bio, list of selected exhibitions, list of works, and cartoon pp.14-15

1 Region #4 Fall 1965 TK poem “Sour Balls” p.6

1 Repertory Theater of Lincoln Center Mag 1970, Operation Sidewinder by Sam Shepard, interview w Holy Modal Rounders w Fugs mention p.26

1 Rock and Folk, Bob Dylan special issue (French), Fugs mention “A Les Beatnicks Du Rock Violent” by Daniel Berger p.57

1 Rolling Stone Nov 25, 1993 review of Fugs First Album p. 112

1 Rosina Kuhn art catalog for exhibition Oct 1976 drawing of TK

1 The Saturday Evening Post Oct 1978 TK/ST “Child Geniuses” p.54

1 Scene April 1963 TK poem “The Rub Ya Out of Omore Diem” p.45

1 Scenes vol 2 #4 Dec 1969 “What the Fug It’s All About” p.42

1 Sexual Freedom May 1977 TK parasong “Why Don’t We Do It in the Bed” p.11

1 Shantih vol 1 #4 Winter/Spring 1972 TK song from LTTM “What a Friend We Have in Sigmund” p.22

1 Signal To Noise ‘A Mighty Wind’ by Howard Mandel article about Fugs w/ pics pp.26-32

1 Sing Out April/May 1966 TK song “Kill for Peace” p.17

1 Smegma 1980 calendar TK calendar for June

1 Smegma #1 October 1978 TK cartoons “Great Graffiti” pp.19-21

1 Smegma #2 April 1979 TK cartoon p.11

1 Smegma #4 1981 TK cartoon p.4

1 Smoke Signals issue 2 #s 2 and 3 1981 review of Questionable Cartoons p.7 w cartoons throughout

1 Smoke Signals issue 2 #4 1982 TK cartoons throughout

1 Song #8 (German) interview w TK p.37, Fugs article p.36, “New Fug Songs” by TK pp.52-53

1 Source Catalog #1 1971 Revolting Theater listing p.32

1 Spy Feb 1990 TK letter to the editor pp.19-20

1 Status Oct 1966 TK pic “From Little Mags to Lively Read Ins” p.40,

TK pic, Fugs mention “Heralding the New Thing in Music” p.59, pic p.63

1 The Sun #67 May 1981 TK cartoon showcase pp.28-29

1 Swank July 1961 TK poem “The Day the Louvre Saw Me” p.27

1 Thunderbolts of Peace and Liberation, Eds Tina Morris and Dave Cunliffe, TK songs “Kill for Peace,” “Song,” “Surely the People Is Grass” pp. 60-63

1 Time Out NY July 10-17, 2003 blurb for Fugs show at the Village Underground p.105

1 Time Out NY August 21-28, 2003 Howl Festival special w TK mention in “The 60’s: Peace, Love, and a Psychedelic Deli” by Ed Sanders p.12

1 Time Out NY July 10-17, 2003 blurb for Fugs show at the Village Underground p.105

1 Topic 3+4 Nov-Dec 1966 “The Fugs”

1 Treason vol 1 #1 Summer 67 TK listed as Free University faculty

1 Treason vol 1 #2-3 Winter 1968 TK “Fuck War” p.32

1 Tuvoti Henry Miller issue, 1972 TK song from LTTM “The Day They Strung the Yankees Up” p.14

1 Underground Skanska Konstmuseum pic of TK inside cover, TK poem “I Say the Purpose of the Revolution …”, TK essay “How Shall We Survive”

1 Universal Movement Theatre Repertory Fall 1971 w Revolting Theater

1 UPS News Service Sep 28, 1972 TK songs from LTTM “Nixon Fucks Me,” “November Song”

1 US Aug 1978 review of First Glance p.17

1 Victims of Our Fear, Ed Tina Morris, quotes from Yeah 7

1 West Coast Review of Books vol 4 #5 1978 review of First Glance p.73

1 Westport Trucker Oct 22, 1973- interview and review of ATW

1 Wild Dog #19/20 Dec 1965 TK poem “How Seldom”pp.60-61

1 WIN vol 3 #1 Jan 13 1967 TK scene 14 from “Caught in the Act”

1 WIN vol 3 #5 March 10, 1967 pic of TK in “The Angriest Voice” by Rudolf Baranik

1 WIN Jan 1969 TK quotes in “Rock and Revolution” p.21

1 WIN April 15, 1972 TK newspoem p.26

1 WIN Aug 1972 TK article “Who to Rip Off, What to Take Back” p.23

1 WIN Jan 1, 1973 TK letter to editor p.3, TK “Songs of Protest” pp.7-13

1 WIN May 16 1974 TK pic p.11

1 WIN Oct 10, 1974 TK song/poem “Try to Remember” p.3

1 WIN Dec 19, 1974 TK excerpt from “The Worst of Everything” p.22

1 WIN Jan 17, 1980 TK “I’m Quitting Friday Anyway” p.10

1 The World #40 1984 TK song ‘If You Want To Be President’

1 The Wormrunner’s Digest vol 11 #2 Dec 1969 TK “In the Treatment of Cancer …” p.98

1 Writers Digest Aug 1975 TK poem “At the Mercy of Idiots” p.47

1 Yage in the Valley of Fire Peter Stafford, ed, Fugs listed in “Trip Tapes”

1 Yowl#4 TK poem “The Coney Isle of Lincoln Center”

1 Zoot #2 ad for Revolting Theater


D. Oversized Magazines and Pamphlets

1 Avant Garde #1 “The Fugs: Nextness Is Godlier Than Cleanliness” by Martin Cohen p.50

1 Avant Garde #14 TK quote in “The Machine I Hate the Most” p.23

1 Breakthru International Poetry Magazine vol 2 #10 May/June 1963 review of Yeah p.9 w note from editor, TK proverb p.17

1 Breakthru International Poetry Magazine vol 3 #18 Sep/Oct 1964 TK poem p.16

1 The Canadian Magazine April 5 1975 TK’s ‘As They Were’ excerpted pp.8-10

1 The Corpse #53 1995 TK collage

1 Daily News Magazine May 31 1987 TK quoted p.21

1 The Dick vol 1 #1

1 File April 15, 1972 TK mention in list of people

1 Freundin Nov. 9 1983 As They Were excerpted p.158

1 Harper’s Bazaar “Spot Check: Comment On Culture U.S.A.” 1967 Fugs pic, mention p.8

1 Hit 1970 w Fuck for Peace drawing on cover

1 Hotcha #15 Fugs article

1 Hotcha Nov 1968 TK quote on cover

1 Hotcha #57 New Morning 1971 TK excerpt from “Call Me Adam”

1 Hotcha #67/68 1988 Fugs article w pic

1 Oeuf #13 Sept/Oct 1971 naked pic of TK on cover

1 Other Scenes vol 1 #8 Nov 1968

1 Other Scenes vol 3 #7 Submission Request for “Are These Our Children?”

1 Peace Among The Ants TK poem “the queen bee…” (loose sheet in folio) 1969

1 Poetmeat #1 1962? TK quote on back

1 Poetmeat #2 w note from Dave Cunliffe, TK poem “Recessional,” review of Yeah 6

1 Poetmeat #3 1963? TK poem “Up Milquetoast, Up”

1 Poetmeat #4 Winter 1964 TK “Sheaves from the Book of Conundrums”

1 Poetmeat #5 Spring 1964 TK “ A Black & White Manifesto”

1 Reprise catalog w “Win a Fug Dream Date Competition”

1 Saturday Evening Post July 15th 1967 Fugs mention p.71

1 The Soho Review Of Books Vol.1 No.1 Dec. 25 1978 TK and other writers answer the question ‘What do you want for Christmas?’

1 Sound Collector #3 1997 Fugs mention p.44

1 Strange Faces #7 TK songs from LTTM “Shit-N-Bread,” “A Hard Knights Day” p.19

1 Sunday Times Magazine June 16 1974 TK’s As They Were excerpted pp. 30-35

1 The Unbearables Assembling Magazine No. 11 March 5 2000 TK cartoon back cover

1 Uncut March 2004 Fugs Final CD (Part 1) reviewed p100

1 Vogue Hommes April 1992 As They Were excerpted p.100

1 Vox Aug 1993 review of Fugs First Album cd re-issue p.78

1 The World #38 1982-83 TK songs “Asexual Blues,” “Shake Shake Whore of Babylon”

1 The Zoo & Logical Times ‘Autumn, Winter’ ca. 1996 TK cartoons throughout

1 Zwart Op Wit Boek Welvaart #4 TK “Justitie Is

11. Publications Without Tuli Kupferberg- 8+ boxes

Hundreds of periodicals dating from the late 1930s to 2010 which Tuli collected over the years. Including a large selection of 1960s underground newspapers and small press literary magazines, as well as many punk and anarchist newspapers and zines from the 1980s to 2009.


12. Revolting Theater- 2 boxes

Files and ephemera including scripts, flyers, show information, slides, and source material for performances.


13. Tuli Kupferberg Video Tapes- 8+ boxes

Over 500 video tapes, including:

16 3/4” master tapes of Theater of the Real, TK’s Manhattan public access cable show, co-produced by Lannes Kenfield from 1990 to 1991.

250 VHS broadcast master tapes of Revolting News, TK’s 1992-2007 Manhattan public access TV show, co-produced by Lannes Kenfield, Norman Savitt, and Thelma Blitz.

70 digital video tapes, masters of Revolting News co-produced by Thelma Blitz, from 2007 to 2009

Misc video tapes from television, performances, etc.

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